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I've always been itching to share my experiences in places I've been to and people I've met, changing my view of the world little by little along the way. I've always been wandering... wondering,  on the intertwining possibilities of our daily events, from the mundane to the extraordinary and how it inexplicably shapes who we are and how we add up to the world.

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3RD NATIONAL INTEGRATED Eco-Waste Management Exhibition

Posted by [email protected] on February 1, 2017 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (20)

Senator Cynthia Villar keynotes the four-day 3RD NATIONAL INTEGRATED eco-waste management exhibition with the theme “Engaging Response to the Changing Environment”, that opens last Thursday, January 26, 10 a.m., at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

The four-day Exhibition spearheaded by Director Eli Eldifonso of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-NCR (DENR) showcased initiatives, best practices, and emerging technologies. Lectures and presentations by experts on varied subjects of interest were also conducted.


The following were the exciting activities held during the summit:


January 26- Opening / Fashion Show by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines and Yes-O Manila

January 27- Talks

January 28- E-Concert with True Faith and Sponge Cola

January 29- ECO Bike Ride “Padyak Para sa Kalikasan”

Zumba “Dance For Your Health”

John Arcilla’s Meet&Greet

Engaging Response to the Changing Environment


The Environment Summit aims to shed light on environmental and ecological issues that disrupt the processes of Mother Nature and the creatures living within it. In light of the celebration of the Waste Management Act anniversary and the Zero Waste Month every January, the summit seeks to educate the public on the destruction of the environment and what they can do to help alleviate this situation.


Along with raising awareness, the E-Summit worked with government agencies and non-government organizations to urge the public, especially the youth, to participate in effective solid waste management, healthier lifestyle programs, and other initiatives that would help save the environment and promote a healthy way of life.


Officials of the DENR-NCR, Environmental Management Bureau, Climate Change Commission, National Solid Waste Management Commission, Metro-Manila Development Authority and other national agencies and local government units, as well as CEOs and senior managers of private companies participating as exhibitors also attended the opening day of the event.


Some personalities who were known for their leadership and active environmental role were also invited to help draw people to the event. These personalities were: Senator Loren Legarda, and Senator Cynthia Villar, and Quezon City’s Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice-Mayor Joy Belmonte, True Faith, Spongecola, John Arcilla and many more.


On the 3rd day of the event, they had an ECO Concert or “Tugtugan Para sa Kalikasan” where Filipino bands such as True Faith, Kjwan, Spongecola, Sasaya, Alchemy, GNGBND, Where’s Ramona?, Avalon Beyond, Banna Harbera, and Papapeta were invited to perform and showcase their talents. The ECO Summit closed its 4-day event last January 29, 2017, Sunday with ECO-Bike Ride. The proceeds from the Bike Ride will benefit the environment. They also had a Free Zumba with Mr. John Arcilla.



This event was made possible by our major sponsors like LG Lopez JFE, Landbank, Cemex, San Miguel Corporation, RDLD Gen. Industries, PAGCOR, Development Bank of the Philippines, Maynilad, JJ Esteban Enterprises, Cleanway, Metroclark Waste Management, Plantex, LG Lopez Industrial Sales and Services Inc., Eco-system Technologies Inc., WINALITE, and EEI Corporation. Our minor sponsors, Malabon Soap, Full Advantave Phils Int’l,… And our official media partner,, Buhay Pinoy at PTV4, and 90.7 Love Radio.


For more information, visit their website at, follow them on Facebook, EnvironmentSummitPH2017, and on Twitter @Esummit2017. The event is free and open to the public.



Globe teams up with League of Vice Governors

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Partnership intended to enhance connectivity of businesses, communities



Globe Telecom signed a ground-breaking agreement with the League of Vice-Governors of the Philippines (LVGP) to collaborate in facilitating the deployment of vital ICT infrastructure, particularly in unserved and underserved communities in the country.


“ICT is rapidly changing the way that companies conduct business and the government delivers services. This agreement shows that we are one with League of Vice Governors in our desire to develop the ICT capacities of communities and businesses. We are confident this initiative would unlock more economic opportunities in the countryside and provide vital services to more Filipinos, benefitting the country as a whole,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.


Under the memorandum of agreement, which was signed by Globe Senior Vice President for Broadband Business Martha Sazon and LVGP National President Antonio Albano, vice-governors committed to provide support in relation to the deployment of telecommunication facilities in their capacity as presiding officers of Sangguniang Panlalawigan in their respective provinces.


The agreement follows repeated calls by Globe for a rationalization of permitting process for cell sites and other telecommunication infrastructure, pointing out it takes at least 8 months, involving 25 permits, to put up one cell site. This has led to considerable delay in the deployment of telecommunication facilities. In the case of Globe, the telecommunications provider has a backlog of around 3000 sites amid difficulties in securing permits from various local government units, homeowners’ associations and other government agencies.


Specifically, members of LVGP committed to ensure that only reasonable fees equivalent to the cost of regulation of ICT infrastructure in relation to the process of reviewing ordinances passed by municipalities and cities in their respective provinces. The LVP also committed to advise and encourage cities and municipalities to have a turn-around time for the issuance of permits and licenses of not more than 10 days from the submission of all requirements; exempt ICT infrastructure installed in agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial areas from zoning clearances; and to enact a uniform ordinance prescribing the barest minimum documentary requirements and that no more than 3 signatures shall be required for such permits.


The LGVP also committed to identify areas owned and controlled by the government as possible sites where ICT infrastructure may be installed, co-located or leased by Globe and to encourage cities and municipalities to do likewise. In addition, the group committed to encourage cities and municipalities to deploy at their cost and expense their respective ICT infrastructure such as fiber optic networks and communication towers to be leased by Globe and to provide the necessary assistance to facilitate acquisition of permits and licenses from cities and municipalities under the LVGP’s jurisdiction which are identified by Globe as priority areas for ICT infrastructure deployment.


Globe, on the other hand, committed to provide free Wi-Fi service in cities and municipalities compliant with the provisions of the agreement as well CCTV cameras or computer software or hardware and free internet service in select schools and public institutions or other high traffic areas such as city halls, terminals and other LGU-owned areas where there will be potentially have high Wi-Fi usage.


Under the agreement, Globe will be in charge in identifying priority areas for deployment of ICT infrastructure and to provide technical assistance to provinces, cities and municipalities in the deployment of their respective ICT infrastructure to be leased by Globe.

Sleep your way to good health

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Sleep is the most underestimated activity. Most of us see sleep only as a means to rest and would easily give up sleep in order to stretch our day. In fact sleep is vital in achieving good health.

Understanding the importance of sleep, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis and Consultation. The analysis and consultation is geared towards helping individuals sleep their way to good health.

"Most of us take sleep for granted and don't fully realize how sleep impacts our well-being," says Dr. Denise Lavilles of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness. "Beyond getting our body to rest and regain physical strength, quality sleep supports mental and physical health, and affects quality of life. How we feel and perform throughout the day is affected by how well we slept. It is during sleep when our body is working to support vital functions of the brain and organs. Sleep also helps our cells regenerate," added Lavilles.

Sleep deprivation affects us physically and mentally. Lack of quality sleep makes us feel constantly tired, less productive, moody, react slower, making us prone to mistakes and accidents. Mentally, it affects our cognitive function, making us unable to properly focus and retain information. Our risk for chronic disease also increases with chronic sleep deprivation.

"Because of being constantly sleep deprived, having a restful sleep eventually becomes a challenge and may lead to unhealthy habits and dependency on sleeping pills. But sleep issues can be addressed." says Lavilles.

The LifeScience Sleep Analysis and Consultation tackles sleep issues through a multi-disciplinary, scientific and proactive approach. “It is vital to recognize the basic underlying factors affecting and causing sleep problems, in order to determine the appropriate steps needed to sleep better. We cannot simply just keep treating the symptoms. Sleeping pills, for example, may help for a brief period of time and under a doctor’s supervision. However, insomnia cannot be cured with sleeping pills alone. They can actually make insomnia worse in the long run. Sleep is such a dynamic and relational process – it has to be understood in relation to everything else.”

"As unique individuals, sleep issues can be caused by so many things, such as occupational and lifestyle factors, as well as physiologic and biologic alterations, like hormone changes and nutrient deficiencies. Because of the varying influences and types of sleep disorders, a personalized and comprehensive approach is key in addressing sleep issues down to root cause," stressed Lavilles.

The first step is to find out more about the individual during and beyond his sleep through traditional and advanced methods such as comprehensive history taking, actigraphy, heart rate variability, 24-hour salivary cortisol/melatonin, nutrient and metabolic profiling. Once this information is available, your Physician will map-out a treatment plan that lets you fully understand what issues affect your sleep. A more thorough understanding of how your body works empowers you to be more involved in getting your restful sleep back.

For more information on the Sleep Analysis and Consultation or to book an appointment for Sleep consult, visit or call 848-LIFE (5433).

* * *


About LifeScience:

The LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness is an integrative facility that is committed to advancing and optimizing your health. We are a program-based center that practices a science-based approach called Functional Medicine. By creating programs based on your specific health goals, we are able to directly address your concerns with the exact type of nutrition, movement, and medically advanced treatments and testing suited to the needs of your body.

Boodle Fight sa Bilao and Shrimp Wednesday--- Only at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

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St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant Boodle Fight sa Bilao Sets on SALE!!!

There are many ways to bond with families and friends and one of those is eating together, enjoying the best food prepared and served with love.

This holiday season, why not eat with your family in the most exciting way - a boodle fight. When it comes to boodle fight, the place to be is at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant. It’s a great thing that they are on sale!

For a special price of Php999.00, the Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set is indeed very affordable compared to other restaurants having the same idea. Restaurant diners have the option to choose from the of other Boodle Fight variants that the restaurant offers like from Palawan, Boracay, to Batangas for the same price of Php999.00.

BEST SELLER: The Hot and Juicy Shrimps 

The restaurant's Hot and Juicy Shrimps are available in the following flavors/variants: regular, spicy, mild, sweet, and medium. The shrimps were sourced from Roxas City,known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. So it is guaranteed fresh!

Trivia: Did you know that Chef Nick personally came up with its signature sauce. And once you tasted it, mapapa extra-rice ka talaga!

Best Deal: Shrimp Wednesday

Wednesdays is a special day for shrimp lovers and regular customers at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant for its called "Shrimp Wednesday" A Good Deal you shouldn’t missed. Regular customers of St. Nicholas have been returning every week for the 50% off promo. YES 50% OFF. From the regular price of Php399.00, marking down to only Php199.00 with the very same quality of Hot and Juicy Shrimps is basically a promo offer to grab!

Meet The Chef

Chef Nick Pelaez

He owns and managed and still cooks for St. Nicholas Catering and the restaurant. St. Nicholas Catering started back in 2003 while the Restaurant is his newest baby that is already in its third year serving sumptuous Filipino dishes in Mandaluyong. We all know that fast-food chains were almost everywhere, but St. Nicholas has its own charm. Having the intimate ambiance of the restaurant, diners visit at the odd hours of the day like brunch or late afternoon for early lunch or merienda, respectively. The busiest hours, of course, are lunch and dinner times. The usual guests are those who prefer clean and delicious home-cooked food over random finds at eateries. *plus Chef Nick is charming too.

Visit St. Nicholas Catering at #1 Fatima St. corner San Rafael st., Bgy., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

 Phone: (02)535-7637 | Email: [email protected]

Follow them on Facebook -



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#GoSwift this yuletide season with Acer Swift 7 and New Balance

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Holiday season is the perfect time to find new and exciting ways to celebrate and have fun. Millennials, known for their fast-paced lifestyle, eagerness to reach their dreams, appetite to develop deep connections with others, and fondness for documenting awesome memories, will surely look forward to the holidays. Christmas bazaars, family reunions, and barkada parties are just some events they can enjoy! An Acer Swift laptop and a pair of New Balance shoes can surely help make Christmas and New Year a wonderful experience! 

The top of the line Acer Swift 7 has a 9.98mm ultra-thin form factor and 1.125 kg with a 4-cell battery pack that can have a battery life of 9 hours and a 256GB SSD, the new Acer Aspire S7 is one laptop that is worthy to be on your wish list.

With an all-metal chassis, the thinnest laptop in the world is supported with a dual-channel 8GB of on board LPDDR3 SDRAM that has the ability to transfer data twice as much faster than the previous models and consumes very low power and produces less heat.

The 7th generation Intel® Core™ i5-7Y54 processor is the main chipset of the Acer Aspire S7 with an Intel® HD Graphics 615 on a 13.3" display with IPS technology, Full HD 1920 x 1080, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCD that can give flawless graphics and provide better resolution for screen viewing.

An HD webcam with 1280 x 720 resolution, 720p HD audio/video recording and High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is built in to make video conferencing for professionals easier, faster and more reliable for business. Most importantly, ultra-fast wireless technology is featured. An 802.11ac wireless LAN with a 2x2 MU-MIMO technology can provide seamless connection on the web and with a Bluetooth® 4.0, wireless connectivity to accessories will be hassle-free. The USB Type-C port, supports DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ and DC-in is a revolution for a unified electric connectivity and USB technology.

The Acer Aspire S7 is backed up with the latest Microsoft operating system, the Windows 10 Home in a 64-bit based processor to enjoy the advantages of 64-bit processing and the ultimate performance of 4 GB or higher memory.

Enjoy more of the holiday season with your new Swift 7 and a pair of New Balance shoes via the #Go Swift Holiday promo which will run until Dec 31, 2016. Buy a qualified Acer product—such as the trendy Acer Swift 3, Swift 5, and Swift 7 at Acer participating stores nationwide and get a New Balance Gift Card worth P5,000 absolutely FREE. To claim the New Balance Gift Card, just fill out the promo claim form and get the official receipt of your purchase from the store. Submit these requirements together with cut-out of box serial number and two valid IDs.

For more about the latest Acer Swift units and other Acer Philippines’ products, go to, follow Acer via Twitter ( or #



 photo NewBalanceFree_PromoPoster.jpg



 photo Sf_-SF713-51_11.jpg


 photo Sf_-SF713-51_02.jpg











Alcatel and PLDT Delivers Kids watch through PLDT Telpad Promo

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Parents can now keep track of their kiddos through the Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch for an additional P199 per month in Telpad plan

Ever wish you could know where your child is all the time?

We are always concerned with the safety and security of our children, especially when we are not with them. We never fail to think of them; wondering of their activities during the day, contemplating if their journey back home is safe and sound. If only we could be with them every minute and could guard them under our watchful eyes every second, it would definitely be worth a peace of our minds.

With breakthroughs in technology, nothing can be impossible nowadays, including the opportunity to track your children when you are not with them. Alcatel, a mobile device brand of TCL communication has developed its newest product that saves you from worry of your kid’s safety and protection

Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch is an innovative security tool that children can wear. Download the MOVETIME Track & Talk app to connect your smartphone to your kid’s watch. The app enables you to track your kids through their smartwatch anytime and anywhere you are. You can also pre-set the safe zones for your little one.

PLDT, the leading telco and digital services provider in the country, is offering this to their subscribers through its PLDT HOME unit. For an additional P199 per month on top your Telpad plan, you can already have the Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch and have your kids wear your peace of mind.

The MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch has the following features that add security and safety to your child’s well-being:

Geo-location- Usinga blend of GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi, you can easily locate your kids within 90 seconds. It is fast, reliable and simple. With this feature, you are assured of their safety by getting to know every place they go. You can even track their pace, activities and get statistics. By knowing where they run and go, you are saved from worry and anxiety.

Set a safe place- This feature warns you immediately when your kids enter or leave a pre-set safe zone. By setting a safe place, you are assured that they are within the bounds of their comfort zone, thus become protected from unwanted areas that may pose risk to their protection.

Alert Notifications- With alert notifications, you get instant notices on your smartphone. You don’t need to check on your phone minute by minute, the notifications will alert you of your kids’ activities. In this way, you can attend to matters in the office or at home without the hassle of checking on your phone every now and then.

Send voice message- This feature allows you and your assigned family members to call your kids to check on them and remind them of stuff to do or things to remember. You can also send voice messages if they cannot answer your call. And enjoy conversations with them anytime of the day and feel more connected to them. And in turn, your child can call up to 10 assigned numbers.

The MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch also have other impressive features that you will surely love. It comes with a touch button that your kids can easily operate. It has a contact list that can save all family contact numbers, so that you kid can easily scroll and call if they need to.

The watch also comes in cool and funky colors, blue and orange that your kids will adore. Its battery life can go as long as four days on stand-by time. It comes with a flexible and durable structure, and is water and dust proof.

But on top of all these amazing features is the assurance that you stay connected with your kids and secure their safety. The MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch helps connect and secure families with the help of digital innovations.

The upgraded Telpad plan comes with PLDT Smart Call All Sim with the inclusion of 60 mins call to Smart, Sun, and Talk N’ Text and 60 mobile data. Telpad plan starts at P1849 and comes with the landline, Home DSL, and Telpad unit.

Get the Alcatel MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch for your kids now and safeguard their protection today visit For more information about MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch, go to Alcatel Philippines Facebook page


Mekeni: 30 Years of Uplifting Filipino Lives

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“A person’s measurement of success is not by how much money he has but by how much the same success affects other people. You cannot only look at your own success but also see that others around you succeed too. Then you can say that you have succeeded in life.” These are the words of Tatay Felix Garcia, founder of Mekeni Food Corporation.

For those who have seen the havoc wreaked upon by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 it was devastatingly clear how Porac, Pampanga was almost wiped off the Philippine map. So creating jobs in the lahar-stricken town seemed like a crazy idea to most people. But Tatay Felix and Imang Meding Garcia weren’t most people. They believed in sharing hope and creating a spark in the darkest moment of their lives. That spark ignited a light for the people of barrio Balubad, and transformed what was then an ashen ghost town into the thriving community that it is today. What they started 30 years ago is now being continued by their children and grandchildren.

More than producing world-class quality food products that continues to bring honor to the country, Mekeni Food Corporation is remembered and recognized as a Filipino family-oriented company that offered employment opportunities to the lesser privileged which contributed in building a happy, committed and productive community despite the major calamity.

Mekeni lives up to its name of always being open and welcoming. Through the years, they have gladly welcomed both challenges and opportunities, relying on their faith in their people and an even stronger faith in God. So whenever awards and recognitions are accorded to Mekeni, it is not only the company that takes pride in its own achievements but also the whole community shares in the joy and honor given. Because Mekeni believes that their best asset are the people who stick with them through thick and thin.

In their recent thanksgiving celebration, Mekeni did not only celebrate their milestones, but also celebrated their employees' achievements. Promoting the value of the 5Rs in their people (Relationship, Respect, Result, Rewards and Recognition), they gave their outstanding employees awards and recognition for their excellent service to the company. Amazingly, some even beyond the call of duty! Group awards and recognition were given for the Best Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Best 5S Practitioners, HACCP/Food Safety Management System Team, Internal Audit Team, Safety & Health Committee, HR Point persons Team, Emergency Preparedness & Response team, 5S team, Mekeni Dancers, MFC Chorale, Best Delivery Team National Category, and Outstanding Factory Outlet Team. Individual awards and recognition were also given to the Most Outstanding Admin Personnel, Best Account Analyst, Perfect Attendance, Outstanding CSLM Support Personnel, Best Delivery Crew/Helper, Best Lead Delivery Crew/Helper, Best Delivery Driver, Best Cash & Goods Model, Service Excellence, and Loyalty Award for those who have been with the company for 10 years or more.

This is what makes Mekeni successful, they value their people and their contributions; showing them that they and their family are always part of Mekeni. In the same way, this is why the employees are happy to stay on, because they are all treated as valuable assets of the company.

In keeping with their thanksgiving party tradition, Mekeni did not let any of their employees to go home empty-handed. Everyone took home a sack of rice, assorted grocery items, and a pack of their Picnic Super Jumbo hotdog, all courtesy of the management. After many decades, Mekeni is still grateful for all the blessings that let the company continue this practice.

Lastly, Mekeni thanks all their valued customers in the Philippines and throughout the world where every Filipino have been served their delicious world-class quality products. It is through them that Mekeni continues to grow not only as a company but also as a community builder that will continue to provide opportunities and uplift poverty in the community that they serve. Truly, Mekeni is committed to be a partner of growth not only in the province where they built their reputable company, but also in the entire country where they have been happily and productively working with their dealers and distributors nationwide.

With their commitment to build people, Mekeni hopes and prays that they would sustain their passion, commitment, loyalty and pride in both triumph and challenges. It is their faith in their people and most of all their faith in God that makes them what they are now, 30 years of world-class quality food products and dedicated people.

One2Shop e-Commerce, the fast and easy way

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Contrary to what you might have read or heard, the oldest profession in the world is none other than trading. And thanks to the Internet, its impact on our lives only gets bigger and bolder every year. There are a lot of e-commerce websites that now cater to the needs of online shoppers everywhere. Surprisingly, there are none that cater specifically to the tastes and wants of Filipinos.

Enter One2Shop, the newest e-commerce destination for Filipino online shoppers located all over the Philippines. Up until now, the bulk of the "online shopping malls" available in the country have been mostly foreign. But with One2Shop, these e-commerce websites will finally have the much-needed local touch that users will love.

According to a recent research conducted by Google, more than half of the population in the Asia Pacific region prefer to shop through mobile apps. Meanwhile, over 40% like to use their browser to visit their preferred e-commerce web sites. This is also very reflective of the recent Black Friday shopping spree where 40% of the purchases were all done online.

One2Shop aims to grow right alongside the growing e-commerce market, harnessing the power of both the web and various social media channels to better engage its target audience.

One2Shop’s advantage over competing digital platforms is its use of the latest high-tech solutions available for e-commerce websites. Its back-end is built on top of Amazon Web Services, and it relies on various social media channels and advertising networks to deliver its content and offerings to its users.

One2Shop will first be available through its official web site,, and then through the One2Shop mobile app for Android.


Lady Gaga's Million Reasons Debut on MTV

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MTV announced today the global premiere of international superstar Lady Gaga’s music video for “Million Reasons,” from the star’s fifth studio album Joanne. “Million Reasons” will debut following “Perfect Illusion” (the music video for the album’s infectious lead single) as a back-to-back storyline continuation, across MTV channels worldwide. In Southeast Asia, “Million Reasons” will premiere on Thursday, 15 December on MTV at 3am (WIB), 4am (PH/SG) and 5am (MY), and on MTV LIVE at 3am (TH/WIB) and 4am (HK/MY/PH/SG). A repeat telecast of the video will air at 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG) and 9pm (MY) on MTV, along with multiple airings on MTV and MTV LIVE throughout the day.

Lady Gaga will also be taking over MTV’s US Instagram channel throughout the day, serving up exclusive content for her Little Monsters.

Joanne was released last October through Streamline/Interscope Records, and has gone on to top the charts around the world and cemented Lady Gaga’s status as one of the leading global music stars of a generation. 

Inspired by her late aunt of the same name, Joanne has been lauded by critics and listeners and celebrated as one of the biggest selling album releases of 2016.The chart-topping album is also breaking records with Lady Gaga recently becoming the first female artist with four No. 1 albums on the Billboard Top 200 this decade.

The album’s infectious lead single “Perfect Illusion” debuted in September.

“Million Reasons,” whose video acts as a storytelling continuation of “Perfect Illusion,” was co-written by Lady Gaga, Hillary Lindsey and Mark Ronson and co-produced by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson and Bloodpop.

Teaser video embed code:



Lazada Philippines makes Christmas shopping grander for your home!

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It’s now or never: Time to shop, homemakers!

02 December 2016, Philippines – Thinking of the best and new items for your home this coming 2017? This is a great time for you to purchase things you will be needing all-year-round. Lazada Philippines is holding its Grand Christmas Sale finale from December 07 – 12, 2016.

Avoid the holiday shopping hassles because you can now take control! Just download the Lazada mobile app or shop via to get access to best finds for all things home, on sale of up to 95% off.

Lazada Philippines gives you a lowdown on what they have in store for you for the Grand Christmas Sale, which includes top brands Luminarc, Philips, Hanabishi, Symphony, Nescafe, American Heritage, and many more:

• Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not get a Hanabishi HTB-128 Turbo Broiler (Red) and serve the traditional Christmas ham during Noche Buena? At 43% off, you can get this for only P1,399.

• How about a Luminarc Ascot Beverage 7-piece Set? Easy to wash and dishwasher-safe, this set is perfect as a housewarming gift or even as a start-up package for newlywed couples. Get this durable drinkware set for only P499.

• Did you know that the cheapest steamer from Philips can be found at Lazada’s Online Revolution? Get yours for only P2,995! The Philips HD9104 Food Steamer has a 5L bowl capacity and comes with a perfect set timer for fish, vegetables, and rice. It also includes an aroma infuser, two baskets to steam several ingredients at once, an egg rack, and removable tray bottoms.

• You don’t have to go to the nearest coffee shop for casual meet-ups or friendly dates when you can do it in the comfort of your home! The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Machine will do the trick with up to 15 bars of professional pressure that lets you create café-style coffee. You can make bold espressos, smooth lungos, frothy lattes, delicious hot chocolate, and even iced cappuccinos. Show those barista skills for an amazing price of only P2,499!

• The highlight of your house party has got to be the Symphony Diet 8i Air Cooler with iPure Technology so your guests will feel cool and comfortable. It has a cooling capacity for rooms up to 23 cu mt (800 cu ft), a dust filter/mosquito net for odorless, clean, and purified air, and a powerful, wider air flow – all these for only P3,939.

More deals, exclusives and flash sales await at Lazada’s Online Revolution Grand Christmas Sale from December 07 – 12, 2016. Join this shopping extravaganza featuring your favorite beauty, home, family, and tech products. And if you’re feeling lucky, consider this a bonus: Lazada is giving its customers a chance to win a brand new Isuzu pick-up and roundtrip international tickets from Turkish Airlines.


Visit or download the Lazada mobile app for free.

Jollibee Chickenjoy TVC brings joy back to the Pinoy table

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With the wave of exciting technological innovations and new apps, people are becoming more preoccupied with their gadgets. Whether it means replying to important work emails, keeping attuned to the latest updates on social media, or fighting off and catching virtual monsters, this new normal of being glued to our screens has kept us from experiencing important and joyous face-to-face moments with family members and loved ones.

Bringing joy to the table

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food brand, recognizes this new reality and is encouraging Filipino families to bring joy back to their tables with the best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious Chickenjoy through a new TV commercial entitled “Bunso.”

The TVC gives viewers a glimpse of a typical modern Pinoy family’s day. In the video, the youngest daughter—the adorable bunso—wants to play and spend time with her father and siblings. However, Ate and Kuya are busy updating social media accounts and playing games, while Dad is in the middle of an important work call. Watch the adorable video directly from Jollibee’s Facebook page or below: 

Bunso appears to sadly wonder—through a softhearted rendition of the OPM classic “Ewan”

Just when the bunso was about to feel dismayed, her face lights up as Mom enters with a bucket of Chickenjoy for the family. As soon as Mom and bunso lift the bucket’s lid, the aroma draws the rest of the family to the dining table. Gadgets are temporarily set aside and the whole family gathers around their favorite Jollibee meal for a joyful quality time together.

“Technology has allowed us to stay up-to-date with whatever’s happening all over the world,” said Kent Mariano, Jollibee Philippines AVP for Marketing. “But despite the many benefits of being online all the time, sometimes technology makes us forget the important things that are also right in front of us. That’s why we must also remember to pause once in a while and savor the joy of missing out on gadgets and devices to enjoy personal face-to-face connections with our loved ones. This is the message we hope to share in our newest Chickenjoy TVC.”

“For years, Jollibee and our best-tasting Chickenjoy have remained committed to making family bonding moments more delicious, unforgettable, and joyful,” Mariano added. “There’s no betterplace to start than at the dining table, the very heart of the Pinoy home.”

For the latest news, products, and promos from the country’s number one fastfood brand, like, follow @Jollibee on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Globe myBusiness Revolutionizes Philippine eCommerce

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In an economy where micro, small, and medium enterprises comprise 99.6% of all registered business, navigating through commerce in the Philippines can prove to be a hefty lot. Much of it is headlined by the sari-sari store, where anyone can purchase every good imaginable at his cost and convenience. But right at the cusp of the information age, even our parents shops would have to learn to grow to sustain their economic presence and performance.


This was what Globe myBusiness championed at this year’s eCommerce Show Philippines 2016, in a gathering of the country’s leading technology enablers that aimed to revolutionize retail, in a marketplace of over 100 million potential consumers, by offering the right tools in the increasingly changing rules of today’s trade.


“It is Globe myBusiness’ mission to help every business owner achieve success,” offered myBusiness Head Derrick Heng. By introducing innovative business solutions that would place retail conveniences at the palm of today’s most enterprising individuals and companies, Globe myBusiness aims to be the partner in bringing the needed technological boost to one’s business.


One shining example of exciting mobile business solutions powered by Globe myBusiness is Shopify, the leading international eCommerce platform utilized by over 300,000 merchants around the world. With its first break in the Philippine market through Globe myBusiness, it aims to make room for more, by enabling small and medium Filipino businesses to effortlessly launch a dependable and efficient commercial presence—with thoughtful display interface and easy-to-use point-of-sale access—in the infinite world of e-commerce.


Globe myBusiness extends Shopify’s enterprising efficiency by offering low monthly rates and 0% transaction fees for new sign-ups, opening a whole world of business possibilities in the greater worldwide web. For only P599 monthly for a Basic Shopify account, P2499 monthly for a Regular Shopify account, and P4999 monthly for an Advanced Shopify account, Globe myBusiness’ Shopify Plan offers flexible commercial connectivity to match your scale of business, while giving you access to billions of consumers worldwide.


So get ahead of the market curve, and let new technology work for your business, with a network that has your best business interest in mind. Armed with the proper tools, the right data at the right time, and an infinite venue for commercial possibilities, Globe myBusiness Plan opens your micro, small, or medium businesses into even bigger and brighter possibilities.



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 #MTVEMA rock #Rotterdam with a stunning night of global music! @justinbieber leads the night winning 3 awards

Worlds collided in a spectacle of music and stunning visuals on the 2016 MTV EMAs stage, featuring epic performances that took over Rotterdam and aired globally on 7 November. Host Bebe Rexha kicked off the global music celebration as she crashed through the ceiling to start the party, followed by superstar Bruno Mars delivering the first big global performance of his smash single 24K Magic, literally lighting up the stage with his dance moves. The show repeats tonight on MTV at 8pm (WIB) and 9pm (MY/PH/SG), and on MTV LIVE HD at 8.45pm (WIB) and 9.45pm (HK/MY/PH/SG).

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were head to head with two wins each before the start of the red carpet, when Beliebers voted in force for Justin Bieber to win the title of Biggest Fans. With this nod added to his Best Song and Best Canadian Act wins, Justin Bieber took home three purple EMAs. MTV turned all the 2016 awards purple as a tribute to the iconic late artist Prince.

Global phenomenon Green Day also returned to the EMAs stage with a vengeance, honoured with the night’s prestigious milestone award, Global Icon. They had an explosive onstage performance of Bang Bang, and closed the show just days ahead of the U.S. election with American Idiot.

MTV recognized artists from around the globe including Shawn Mendes (Canada), Zara Larsson (Sweden), Maluma (Columbia), Wizkid (Nigeria), GOT7 (Korea) and Troye Sivan (Australia) as the Worldwide Act winners. Đông Nhi is the Best Local Act for Southeast Asia.

“We want to thank MTV EMAs for giving us the Worldwide Act for 2016 and we're really sorry that we can't be there with you guys but thank you to all of our fans. It's really an honour and we're going to continue bringing you guys good music and we're going to work harder and harder. Thank you!” said GOT7.



Justin Bieber - Sorry


The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - Starboy


Lady Gaga


Shawn Mendes


Twenty One Pilots


Zara Larsson


Fifth Harmony




Twenty One Pilots




Martin Garrix




Justin Bieber


Lady Gaga


Martin Garrix - Isle of MTV, Malta (2015)


Green Day








Đông Nhi


Troye Sivan - Australia

Shawn Mendes – Canada

Maluma – Columbia

GOT7 – Korea

Wizkid - Nigeria Zara Larsson – Sweden


Multiplatinum R&B stunner The Weeknd made his EMA stage debut with the first global performance of his smash single Starboy. The performance began in a wildly visual, star-filled dome, which opened to reveal the singer.

Bebe Rexha slayed her hosting duties while bringing the live debut of her new single I’ve Got U to the EMAs stage, featuring an adorable faux-fur “U” creature whose eyes followed her every movement. Earlier in the show, she teamed up with friend and the world’s no. 1 DJ Martin Garrix for a stirring duet of In The Name of Love with a full string orchestra. She also donned 15 outfit changes throughout the show.

 Kings of Leon rocked the EMA stage, the night after entertaining hundreds of fans at Rotterdam’s Old Luxor Theatre with a rare, exclusive, intimate World Stage concert

Best Push winners DNCE brought the party by performing Cake By The Ocean and Body Moves on a floating platform over the audience, complete with crowd surfers on inflatable donuts, cakes and pizza.

Best Male winner Shawn Mendes wowed the crowd as he emerged from a holographic pyramid, while playing piano for a moving rendition of his hit Mercy. He was also among the Worldwide Act winners.

Best New and one of the Worldwide Act recipients, Zara Larsson, shook the arena with a fierce medley of her massive hits, Lush Life and Ain’t My Fault.

Lukas Graham commanded the stage with a passionate medley of their hits against a glittering backdrop of stars, culminating in a full-on orchestra for their smash ballad 7 Years.

OneRepublic wowed the audience by performing their new track Let’s Hurt Tonight as rain poured down from the stage, soaking the band while they serenaded fans.

Hometown hero and EMA Music Week Ambassador Afrojack rocked the house with his smash hits Gone and Hey.


Watch It Anyway You Want! x

MTV also teamed up with where musers get to show MTV how they watch the MTV EMA in their own creative way during the prime-time telecast on Monday, 7 November on MTV at 8pm (WIB) and 9pm (MY/PH/SG), and on MTV LIVE HD at 8.45pm (WIB) and 9.45pm (HK/MY/PH/SG). Fans can live-stream themselves enjoying the MTV EMA using the hashtag #MTVEMA and show MTV their biggest reactions. They stand a chance to win special MTV EMA prizes and #MTVEMA live-stream sessions will be featured on’s homepage during the night.

MTV x foodpanda

From 7 to 13 November, fans in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are invited to catch the show while enjoying discounts on their foodpanda orders using the promo code MTVEMAPANDA. In Singapore, enjoy 15% off a minimum order value of S$30 for the first 1,000 redemptions. In selected regions in Malaysia, get 20% off a minimum order value of RM40. In Manila and Cebu, take 15% off a minimum order of P850, with a maximum discount of P300 per order. Visit for details.

Live Twitter Chat

Fans in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore can live tweet during the MTV EMA evening repeat telecast on MTV on Monday, 7 November at 8pm (WIB) and 9pm (MY/PH/SG) using #MTVEMA and watch selected tweets go on-air. Those with the best tweets stand a chance to snag Évos headphones and exclusive MTV EMA merchandise.

Additional encore telecasts of the 2016 MTV EMA on MTV are on:

Tuesday, 8 November at 7.30am (WIB), 8.30am (HK/PH/SG), 9.30am (MY), 11pm (WIB)

Wednesday, 9 November at 12am (HK/PH/SG), 1am (MY), 1pm (WIB), 2pm (HK/PH/SG), 3pm (MY)

Thursday, 10 November at 4pm (WIB), 5pm (HK/PH/SG), 6pm (MY)

Friday, 11 November at 9.30am (WIB), 10.30am (HK/PH/SG), 11.30am (MY)

Saturday, 12 November at 1am (WIB), 2am (HK/PH/SG), 3am (MY), 9pm (WIB), 10pm (HK/PH/SG), 11pm (MY)

Sunday, 13 November at 3pm (WIB), 4pm (HK/PH/SG), 5pm (MY)

The official international sponsor of the 2016 MTV EMAs is Évos.

To stay in tune with all things EMA, follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook and follow the social conversation using #MTVEMA.

Below are two time lapses from the evening.

Red Carpet time lapse:

Show time lapse:


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HISTORY is giving away 3 sets of petrol vouchers worth PHP3,000 each to 3 lucky winners weekly in the Watch and Win Contest on Supercharged HISTORY, a programming block on HISTORY every Sunday from 10-11 pm.


How to join:

1. Download the IQNECT app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobilephone.

2. Watch Big Easy Motors/Counting Cars on Supercharged HISTORY airing Sundays startingat 10pm.

3.  Using the IQNECT app, scan any car featured in Big Easy Motors/Counting Cars.

4.  Answer a simple question on the app to participate.


HISTORY’s Watch and Win Contest is open to all HISTORY subscribers in the Philippines. Contestants are allowed to submit only 1 entry each and must be submitted between 10pm and 11pm every Sunday.


Three winners will be selected per week who will win vouchers worth PHP3,000 each redeemable for petrol. Winners will be notified via email or phone within 2 weeks from date of submission of entries.


Contest ends 9 January 2017.


For more information, visit




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Season 3 of the hit survival series, Alone, premieres on December 14, and will air every Wednesday at 9:00 pm on HISTORY.


The new season takes the series to the next level as the most qualified group of hardcore survivalists face new challenges unlike those seen in the past seasons as they put to the test their capability and ingenuity to survive in a remote South American region with one mission - to stay alive. There are no camera crews, no teams, and no gimmicks. At stake is a $500,000 cash prize awarded to the person who can last the longest.


Equipped only with limited gear, their wilderness experience, and cameras to self-document their journeys, these brave and self-confident 7 men and 3 women are completely separated from one another. To survive, they must hunt for food, find water, build shelters, and fend off deadlier predators, from wild boars to vicious rodents, while experiencing unpredictable weather conditions in a new and remote location.


The harsh conditions of the cold and isolated region of Patagonia in Argentina have made this the most dangerous season yet!


HISTORY™ is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125.


Davao IT-BPM Industry to benefit from Globe Business Davao Data Center

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Growing exponentially, the information and communications technology (ICT) industry of Davao City, the largest local economy of southern Philippines and second largest economy to Metro Manila, will continue its upward trajectory ensuring economic development and providing employment opportunities in the region.

Davao City was recognized in 2015 as the 66th information technology and business process-outsourcing (IT-BPO) destination of the top 100 IT-BPO destinations in the world. This underscores the maturity of the City and the greater Mindanao region of its ICT readiness and capability.

Thus,Globe Business keeps its commitment to enabling a digital nation by accelerating the adoption of ICT enabled services across Philippine enterprises, specifically those based in the southern region.

Recently announced in the Wonderful World with Globe event in Davao, the Globe Business Davao Data Center will provide the ideal IT Infrastructure not only of businesses located in Davao, but also for enterprises in Luzon and Visayas.

“Globe Business is aggressively ramping up on investments such as the Davao Data Center to help our enterprise clients achieve local and global competitiveness. Instead of worrying about the maintenance of information, equipment and assets, the data center will secure our customers’ ICT requirements and will allow them to focus on their day-to-day business operations,” said Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group Mike Frausing

Situated in the same area where the SEA-US Davao Cable landing station is, the Globe Davao Data Center will provide customers with low latency, large bandwidth and high-speed connectivity options – an ideal setup for BPOs, financial institutions, Internet service providers and other content providers.

It is in the best location for customers looking for a data center in the Mindanao region as it is located within the region’s central business hubs. Furthermore, the facility is Seismic Zone 4 compliant, which means that it has been retrofitted for earthquake safety. Also, infrastructure and redundant security solutions have been put in place to ensure that systems remain continuously available and secure. The data center is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2017.

Globe Business Data Center solutions include Data Center Colocation which provides a managed space for lease for servers and IT equipment; LAN-Based Internet for redundant, stable, secure, and high-speed connectivity; and Business Continuity Services such as Disaster Recovery Work Seats and Media Storage Service in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

Globe creates new holiday traditions

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Traditions are essential in every culture and create different experiences for everyone. For Filipinos, the Christmas season is one of the most celebrated traditions across the nation. As early as September, malls, establishments and even homes are already decked out in holiday colors as families make plans for their usual Christmas activities. 


Whether it’s the annual Christmas Dinner, gift shopping, or traveling to wonderful destinations, the true meaning of the season is based on togetherness. Some may be miles apart but the love for each other brings everyone closer. 


Today's digital lifestyle allows old traditions to be relived and made more exciting.  Turn them into new ones by using the latest digital trends from Globe and let everyone create new memories for a lifetime, with the people who matter most.  


“Christmas is all about spreading cheer and creating new memories. We are happy to be part of every Filipino family’s celebration and enable them to create new traditions that will last them for many more holiday seasons to come,” says Globe President and CEO, Ernest Cu.


Personalized healthcare for your family

Globe in partnership with Unilab brings fresh opportunities to ensure the wellness of your family no matter the distance. For Overseas Filipinos, they can purchase RiteMed medicines at Philippine prices and have it delivered to their dependents back home.  Unilab leverages on the telco's existing distribution points in Hong Kong that Filipinos can readily call or visit for their orders.  Unilab's retail partner MedExpress ensures the fulfillment of the orders.  Globe also provides the international hotline support for its overseas customers.


Convenience and health goes hand in hand with KonsultaMD, a 24/7 online health consultation service manned by licensed Filipino doctors. It’s accessible anytime, and you get legitimate answers to all your health questions. The comfort of knowing that your family’s health concerns can be answered anytime throughout the day or night, gives you peace of mind this holiday season. 


Staying in touch is also made more memorable through e-Gifting.  With SariSariPH, Filipinos overseas can send e-gift cards via email and SMS to treat their families to a special treat or shopping.


Holiday binge-watching right on your mobile

Globe gives new ways to enjoy mobile content from sports, entertainment, games and music. NBA for one, with its partnership with Twitter gives customers access to exclusive programs, streamed live on the social media site. Globe is the first advertising partner in Asia for the NBA Live programs that will exclusively air on Twitter.


Watching movies and series are made more convenient too with Globe Studios and HOOQ. This collaboration brings the most-awaited, star-studded series, On The Job (OTJ). A spin-off from the original On The Job blockbuster hit by Erik Matti, the OTJ crime thriller series will be available on HOOQ early 2017. 


Globe also introduces its first step in offering digital learning to millions of its customers by supporting YouTube Kids-- a family-friendly app built with parents and children in mind. Families can now enjoy YouTube Kids with seamless connection from Globe, whether at home or on-the-go. You can bond with your kids and family right in the comforts of your own home.


The partnership with Globe and Niantic has resulted to 340 new Pokestops in select Globe reload stations and 241 gyms in Globe stores. Both companies continue to work closely to give customers an even richer Pokemon Go experience. Some of the things to look forward to include exciting Pokemon merchandise that will be available in Globe stores in time for Christmas.


Finally, Globe also welcomes its latest partner, Tribe.  Tribe offers live and on-demand content with a wide selection of Korean entertainment shows from KBS world and tvN, anime shows from Aniplus, LIVE e-Sports events via eGG channel, and action and Asian Thriller programs from KIX and Thrill channels.

The brand aims to go beyond being just a platform for fans to watch their shows by creating immersive experiences for the different communities through events, contests, and viewing parties for like-minded individuals to connect. Tribe is now available for a 30-day free trial and for just P30/week or P69/month afterwards.


Last minute gift shopping done in a jiffy

Gift-giving is a tradition that Filipinos make during the holidays. Everyone braves the streets of Manila with the crazy traffic and the long lines in the mall just to buy that perfect present.


The holidays are made more festive through Globe myBusiness’ DigiMall, powered by Shopify. It’s now easier to purchase gifts for your family and friends through these online shops. Customer can browse through items even on mobile! Globe myBusiness will even help you start your very own online shop through its partnership with Shopify and its slew of digital solutions for the modern entrepreneur.


Gift-giving is also made easier with wonderful holiday offers up for grabs with Globe Rewards points. Globe customers can easily purchase their favorite H&M items with up to 50% off on selected items from December 19 to December 31, 2016.


Entrance to Palace Pool club events is also covered with Globe Rewards and customers can bring up to 2 guests each for free from December 15 to 31. One can also get Php200 off their GrabCar rides from November 25 to December 31 by using the promo code GLOBEREWARDS.



Relive the Christmas classics right at home


Nothing beats family time at home during Christmas.  Create new ways to entertain your family and make them come home to wonderful with Globe Broadband. You can now create your own plan, or you can choose from all the bundles available. These bundles come with a device, whether it be a 40-inch Full-HD Smart TV, Chromecast, or Playstation 4. You can enjoy wonderful content such as Netflix, HOOQ, and NBA League Pass FREE for 6 months.


Over 200 Chromecast units, 6 months free Netflix, HOOQ, Disney and NBA League Pass access  were given to each guest during the Wonderful World with Globe XII! - REMOVE!!


More wonderful experiences to share with the family


On its second major collaboration, Globe LIVE and 9Works Theatrical bring to life Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol. A timeless musical show, Menken & Ahren’s version of The Christmas Carol musical is set to give the audience an unforgettable show accompanied by a 23-piece orchestra. With its wonderful songs and touching story, Filipinos can now have a new holiday tradition to look forward to.


Star Wars Rogue One is also set to be a certified hit as it premieres in theaters on December 15.   Apart from exclusive block screenings, Star Wars fans can also dress in galactic fashion with the new limited Star Wars apparel only available at the Globe ICONIC store. Reservations are accepted as there are only limited pieces per design.  Interested customers can just go to the Globe ICONIC store.


With the confirmation of Coldplay’s concert, fans are in for some exciting on-ground events as the country counts down to the most awaited show on April 4, 2017. To start the Adventure of A Lifetime with Coldplay, Globe will host a series of #GlobeColdplay Sessions for everyone to experience Coldplay and their music in full technicolor with a day full of arts, activities, and performances from well-known artists in the music industry.


Lastly, Filipinos are in for an exciting 2017 ahead as the leading internet television network, Netflix, will soon premiere the story of the turbulent lives of the characters in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Globe Broadband customers get 6 months free access to binge-watch with friends and family. Customers who get a new myLifestyle postpaid plan with a Huawei GR3, P9, or Mate 8 also get 6 months free access.


Globe makes new traditions this Christmas for you and your family.  Make this holiday season truly wonderful.





For more information, please contact:


Yoly C. Crisanto

Head, Corporate Communications

Globe Telecom, Inc.

Email Address: [email protected]:[email protected]

Globe Press Room:

Twitter: @talk2GLOBE │ Facebook:




Enjoy Globe Broadband and Bayan Broadband deals this Christmas!

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Globe Broadband is giving the gift of connectivity this Christmas through a holiday sale, where Globe Broadband and Bayan Broadband plans will be available for 50% off in select areas!

For Globe Broadband, Plans 999 (1 Mbps / 20GB data), 1099 (2 Mbps / 20GB data), 1199 (5 Mbps / 100GB data), 1299 (10 Mbps / 100GB data), and 1599 (15 Mbps / 150GB data) are available for half the price. All plans come with a FREE Wi-Fi modem, with exclusive inclusions per plan:

● Plan 1199 and above come with a FREE landline with unlimited calls to Globe and TM


● Plans 1299 and above come with access to Netflix, HOOQ, and NBA LEAGUE PASS for six months


For Bayan Broadband, Plans 999 (1 Mbps / 20GB data), 1099 (2 Mbps / 20GB data), 1199 (5 Mbps / 100GB data) are available for half the price, too. All Bayan plans come with a FREE Wi-Fi modem, while Plan 1199 comes with a FREE landline with unlimited calls to Globe and TM.

All Globe subscribers will have the option to boost their data allowance through add-ons. Subscribers can also extend their connection using the AirTies Wi-Fi mesh for a minimal cash-out fee.

Globe subscribers can now enhance their digital lifestyle with content and device add-ons. Whatever kind of passion you pursue, there’s an exclusive entertainment add-on just right for you!

Binge-watching has never been this easy with access to Netflix, HOOQ, Disney Channels Apps, and NBA LEAGUE PASS. Gamers on the other hand can play to their heart’s content with access to Garena, Steam, [email protected], Game Club, and the PlayStation Network. Music lovers on the other hand can listen to millions of songs on Spotify and sing along with their favorite tunes with Sing! Karaoke by Smule.

This limited-time offer is only available for new subscribers starting November 15 until December 31, 2016. For application and more information about discounts and add-ons, you may call 730-1010, visit, or inquire at the nearest Globe store or through door-to-door agents. Lock-up period of 24 months applies.

Twitter announces Globe as first advertising partner in Asia for NBA Live Stream Shows

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Twitter and Globe today announced an advertising collaboration for the NBA’s two live exclusive programs streamed on Twitter and for custom NBA highlights on Twitter in the Philippines. The collaboration strengthens Twitter’s live stream strategy in the region with Globe as Twitter’s first official live stream advertising partner in Asia and reinforces the telco’s commitment to provide the best customer proposition of giving access to world class basketball entertainment.

Globe will collaborate with Twitter on the live stream of two new weekly NBA shows with first-of-its-kind elements created specifically for integration with Twitter conversation. The Starters Twitter Show, produced by Turner Sports, is streamed once a week for an hour. Similarly, the weekly 30-minute show, The Warmup, also produced by Turner Sports, is featured exclusively to Twitter’s logged-in and logged-out audience. Read more on both programs, which are live every Tuesday and Thursday worldwide on Twitter and connected devices, here.

NBA fans can visit and to watch the programs on Twitter:

- The Starters Twitter Show airs on Tuesdays, 11am ET / Wednesdays, 12am Manila time throughout the regular season. Featuring co-hosts J.E. Skeets (@jeskeets) and Tas Melas (@TasMelas), along with contributors Trey Kerby (@treykerby), Leigh Ellis (@LeighEllis), Matt Osten (@StartersMatt) and Jason Coyle (@startersjd), the program delivers their trademark passion for the game with the same fun, entertaining, and engaging content that they provide each week on NBA TV and through their podcasts.


- The Warmups airs on Thursdays, 7:30pm ET / Fridays, 8:30am Manila time. The show is a blend of the NBA, lifestyle, music, and pop culture, and is a weekly NBA show that integrates Twitter conversation into every program. The Warmup is streamed live from Turner Studios in Atlanta and is co-hosted by sports and entertainment commentator Ben Lyons (@iamBenLyons) and emcee, DJ and sports personality Ro Parrish (@RoParrish). Both personalities have a wide range of experiences across television, radio, social and digital content, including host and guest appearances on prominent national shows.


"Twitter is where the world of sport is happening every single day, and the NBA is no exception," Maya Hari, Managing Director for Southeast Asia and India, Twitter said. "Ninety percent of male Twitter users in the Philippines are interested in basketball, with 76% of them actively following and watching the NBA. As part of Twitter's focus on live streaming of premium content, we are proud to partner with Globe to promote the live stream game highlights to Filipino NBA fans."

“Our collaboration with Twitter strengthens our commitment to provide the best customer proposition of giving access to world class basketball entertainment. Twitter’s live stream service allows us to strengthen our proposition to bring the best in sports to more Filipinos and in this case, more exclusive content on the NBA. With two exclusive shows on Twitter, customers are given a new platform where they can explore and get real-time updates about the NBA, from the leading teams to the top players in the league," Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Dan Horan said.

Since the NBA joined Twitter in 2009, the league has built the largest Twitter community of any sports league in the world with more than 23 million followers.



BGC now home of world class Globe Iconic Store

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Globe Telecom has redefined the Philippine retail platform with its world-class GEN3 format starting 2014, the GEN3 store format allows Globe customers to experience and discover technology beyond postpaid plans and smartphones through various immersive digital lifestyle zones.

Now Globe finally opens its world-class flagship retail hub, The ICONIC. Still following the GEN3 aesthetic and design, the ICONIC store delivers an even more exceptional retail space - innovative, dynamic, and interactive.

Designed by Tim Kobe of Eight Inc., the same designer of the Globe GEN3 stores as well as the acclaimed Apple store in New York, the ICONIC store rises as one of the most recognizable architectural design located at the Bonifacio Global City Central Square in Taguig. One of its most ambitious elements is the glass bridge that links two Globe stores on opposite ends.

“The opening of our GEN3 stores in 2014 set the tone on how customer experience in telco has evolved from purely transactional to more dynamic. GEN3 gave our customers a new way of discovering their digital lifestyle through our innovative services. With the opening of the ICONIC, we are thrilled to deliver a new world-class entertainment experience right at the heart of Bonifacio Global City that does not only bring up the ante in retail and entertainment, but also elevates the customer experience to a whole new level,” says Globe Retail Transformation and Stores Management Head Joe Caliro.

Apart from being a retail haven, the ICONIC also has its own Entertainment Zone that was the first to be completed in June 2016. It has since housed some of the company’s major events. The Entertainment Zone is designed for shows, concerts, and a variety of on-ground events and activities. It features massive LED screens and top-quality lights and sounds equipment for an outdoor entertainment experience at par with global standards. It also boasts a fully-functional Chroma key studio set-up that can be used by media partners, making the ICONIC store the first ever all-in-one retail and entertainment space in the world.

One of the Globe ICONIC’s biggest productions to date was the Philippine staging of the award winning Broadway musical Green Day’s American Idiot last June, through the partnership of Globe LIVE and 9Works Theatrical. Green Day’s American Idiot is a sung-through stage adaptation of punk rock band Green Day's 2004 rock opera album American Idiot. The musical production has since been nominated in 10 categories for the 2016 Philstage Gawad Buhay midyear citations. Gawad Buhay is the only award giving body for the performing arts.

Its nominations include Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical, Outstanding Stage Direction for a Musical, and Outstanding Musical Direction, among others.

Capping of 2016 is another big musical production that will bring the ICONIC entertainment zone to life - Menken & Ahrens’ A Christmas Carol The Musical. Set to be the new Christmas tradition for Filipinos, families will be able to relive the Christmas-themed play based on the book by Charles Dickens. The audience is in for a magical storytelling complete with a stellar cast and live orchestra.

For more details and updates follow Globe on its official social media channels,, and @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram.